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Assault Diamond Assist Jigs

Model # DJA-SF, MK, OR, GL, BL
Assault Diamond Assist Jigs come with a state of the art 3-D holographic reflective finish. The Assault pattern emulates fish scales, giving it a much more realistic presentation. This jig has proven to be one of the essential jigs in every anglers arsenal. The enhanced rigging makes it stronger and more reliable than ever before. Assault Diamond Assist Jigs catch just about every species of gamefish from lingcod, rockfish, halibut, and tuna in the Pacific, to striped bass, bluefish, cod, and tuna on the East Coast. Fishermen in the Gulf use Assault Diamond Assist Jigs to score grouper, snapper, amberjack, and king mackerel.
Model # Description Weight Hook Size
DJA-4-BL Blue Bass 4 oz 5/0
DJA-6-BL Blue Bass 6 oz 7/0
DJA-8-BL Blue Bass 8 oz 8/0
DJA-10-BL Blue Bass 10 oz 9/0
DJA-4-GL Glow 4 oz 5/0
DJA-6-GL Glow 6 oz 7/0
DJA-8-GL Glow 8 oz 8/0
DJA-10-GL Glow 10 oz 9/0
DJA-4-MK Mackerel 4 oz 5/0
DJA-6-MK Mackerel 6 oz 7/0
DJA-8-MK Mackerel 8 oz 8/0
DJA-10-MK Mackerel 10 oz 9/0
DJA-4-OR Baby Red 4 oz 5/0
DJA-6-OR Baby Red 6 oz 7/0
DJA-8-OR Baby Red 8 oz 8/0
DJA-10-OR Baby Red 10 oz 9/0
DJA-4-SF Silver Flash 4 oz 5/0
DJA-6-SF Silver Flash 6 oz 7/0
DJA-8-SF Silver Flash 8 oz 8/0
DJA-10-SF Silver Flash 10 oz 9/0
Mustad 3X Wire J Hook
Holographic Prism

Rigging Assault Jigs for Cow Sized Tuna